From: crshulman@a..
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Goods & Services directory has been updated -

The Goods & Services directory has been updated - go to  . Contact me at w/ corrections, additions or questions.
Also, please check the Goods & Services database before sending inquiries for service providers to the list.


From: crshulman@a..
Date: Sun Dec 15, 2002 9:28 pm
Subject: 1) Easier Access to Goods & Services Listing; 2) Please Try to Check Goods & Services Listing Before Sending Requests on the Email

1) [Goods & Services database is at ]

2) Please try to check the Goods & Services database before submitting email inquiries for service providers. You can still send an email inquiry for further info, as needed. (It would be helpful to us if you indicate in the email request that you've already checked the Goods & Services directory.)

Also, if you have a good experience with service providers (or get positive recommendations from others) please send me that info at so that I can update the goods & services database.

3) For those who submitted business week entries, if you would like to have your business listed on the Goods & Services listing, please first check the Goods & Services listing to see if it's already listed, and if it's not then send me the following info so I can add the listing:
Type of business:
Business Name:
Bus. Address:
Bus. Tel:
Bus. Description:
Reference (optional):


From: crshulman@a..
Date: Tue Aug 19, 2003 11:33 am
Subject: sharing responses to goods & services requests

When you reply to a teaneckshuls request for a service provider, please note that your reply is often shared with others. This helps eliminate multiple
inquiries on the list. Also, on occasion I may ask for the replies for the goods & services listing.

If you want your reply to remain private, please indicate this in your reply.