TeaneckShuls Tzedakah Sponsorship Program

Although we don't allow advertising on Teaneckshuls, you can take advantage of our Tzedakah Sponsorship Program to post an advertisement for your business. We have raised well over $100,000 through this program, with 100% of the money going to the charities.

-- A $100 donation to the charity that we designate gives you the right to post once.

-- If you are interested in purchasing multiple posts at a discount, your options are: (i) Pay for 10 - 24 posts at one time for $90 each (10% discount); or (ii) Pay for 25 - 52 posts at one time for $75 each (25% discount). Note that 52 is the maximum that you can purchase in one block.
Process & Rules:
-- Contact Debby Teicher at debby@teaneckshuls.org with any questions or to make the arrangements to be a sponsor.
-- The words "TS Tzedakah Sponsor" must appear in the subject line of the post (we suggest you put this at the end of the subject line, in parentheses).
-- Sign your full name at the bottom of the post
-- The donation must be made and you must provide proof of the donation to Debby's satisfaction before you can send your post.
-- The content of all ads is subject to moderator approval. Political and election-related posts are not eligible for this program.


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