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Tour Guides in Israel


Also see the Israel Travel List
(includes information on: Israel travel and merchant list, Gifts/ Souvenirs to buy in Israel, Drivers, Dentists, Places to Visit/ Sites to See/ Things to Do, Event Catering, Take-Out , and Simcha Planning, Israel Travel Websites, Cell Phone Rentals, Auto Rentals, Restaurants and Mikvaot)

The following Israeli tour guides have been recommended by people in Teaneck. If you are considering traveling to Israel, you may want to consider one of the tour guides listed below. If you know of tour guides that you would like to add to the list,please email me at Please let me know if you use this list and can add recommendations to any of the tour guides already listed here.

Please note that the tour guides are listed in the order of the emails I received recommending them. Where the name of the tour guide is a link, click on name of the tour guide to email them.

Tour Guide Phone Number Referred
Donna Goldberg
Cell: 011-972-50-2166775
Home: 011-972-2-5611027
Murray Sragow My cousin Donna Goldberg-Katcoff is a tour guide certified by the Israeli ministry of tourism. She also works for AACI, the Association of Americans and Candaians in Israel. She is a native Texan, and both interesting and fun to tour with. Thanks to the drop in tourism, she has many openings.
Gila Berkowitz We've used her services and recommended her to many friends. Donna is terrific. And her rates are very reasonable.
Arvin Levine Let me recommend Donna Goldberg.

Esti Herskowitz
Tel: 02-5353796

cell: 051-341-133

Miriam Schenker I'd like to highly recommend a tour guide in israel, Esti Herskowitz, who grew up in Queens, has lived in Israel for close to 20 years. She is a licensed tour guide, great with kids of all ages, her enthusiasm and love of Israel shines through.
Rabbi Chaim Hagler I just returned from the Yeshivat Noam family trip to Israel. Our tour guide was great, very prepared, very knowledgeable, and very interesting. She was especially great with our kids! she just took the yeshivat noam group around for 4 days. She also has toured with various family members of mine

Debby Teicher My high-school classmate, Esti Riback Hershkowitz, lives in Maaleh Adumim and is a licensed Morah Derech. We've used her twice and she's terrific. She also led the Yeshivat Noam mission this winter - 29 kids ages 7 and down and their parents. Her email address is

Peter Abelow

Office: 972-2-671-3518
Cell phone: 972-54-313-3712
Direct US line: 646-358-4058

Sandy Zlotnick My brother-in-law, Peter Abelow, is certified, experienced, based in Efrat. He has taken many of our Teaneck friends on tours, with great reviews. He recently led the Beth Aaron mission
Robert Escott Peter Abelow is excellent.
Jennifer Prince His number is on the goods and service list.
Richard Gertler Peter Abelow, Efrat and his partner Yitzhak are excellent.

Doron Bookstein Tel: 011-972-3-524-2420
cell: 011-972-54-248-631
Esther Fienberg

Mitch Chupak
Creative Solutions
Tel: 011-972-3-522-2826
cell: 011-972-52-242-155
Esther Fienberg

David Solomon
Tel: 02-628-2496 Abby and Steve Leichman Dovid is a wonderful, Tanach-based tour guide. He took us through the Old City, where he lives with his wife and five daughters, as well as a three-day trip up north to such spots as Tzefat, Tiberias, Tzippori, Bet Shean, Atlit, Zichron Yaacov, and many others. He was not only knowledgeable, but also patient and flexible with our itinerary. He made sure to engage our children at all their levels of interest and understanding, and truly made our trip out of the ordinary.

Betsy Mehlman Tel: 02-9919468
or 053556308
Robert Escott Betsy Mehlman is an excellent tour guide. She lives in Beit Shemesh. She is well versed in historical sites, hiking trails and attractions for kids. For a day trip to Caeserea she even prepared a short play that my children, my nephews and nieces and my friends' children performed on the stage in the outdoor ampitheater.

David Bellin
David Bellin Travel Systems
11 HaMaapilim St.
POB 2172, Maalot 24952
Day: 972-4-9976241
Evening: 972-4-9977380
Fax: 972-4-9972242
Mobile: 972-5-2475004
Sam Borodach I recommend David Bellin. He is a relative of mine who has lived in Israel for many years. Educated in US; speaks Hebrew and English fluently. Lots of energy. Many Teaneck families have used his services.

David Bellin made aliyah more than 20 years ago and now lives with his family up north in Ma'alot. He has been giving tours to families and larger groups for many years. Many families in the Teaneck area have used him.

Alice Blass David Bellin is fabulous! Please send him regards from Alice & Bob Blass from Paramus.

Yitz Stern I would recommend David Bellin...mention my name...he's very good...we've used him a number of times as have many, many others in this area...

Tzvi Bessin
Tel: 972-2-9931269.

Cell: 050-325125.

Merna Davidowitz I know of a great Israeli tour guide, frum, personable, and lives in Efrat. He is originially from Canada, and was known here as Hershel Bessin. He is a government licensed tour guide with 8 years experience, specializing in Tanach and Chazal and groups of all sizes and ages. He has had several Teaneck families, including Witzy Hoenig and Sel Levine. He has an 11 passanger touring van. As far as deals for Pesach, he does not usually get involved in this--his customers who need bookings do it through Modiin Tours, a frum company in Jerusalem from which they usually get very good rates.
Oren Hiller We have used on two trips Israel's #1 tour guide. His name is Hershel Bessin, he lives in Efrat. What is good about him is that he is Shomer Shabbat and will gear the tour to whatever you want, tying it into what the children (if any) are learning in school. Please let him know that I sent you and he will take special care of you.
Karen Klein

I used a tour guide a couple of summers ago who was absolutely phenomenal. My daughter loved him as did my husband and I (and we recommended him to cousins who loved him, as did their kids). He came highly recommended to us as well by another family. His name is Tzvi (or Hershel) Bessin. He may not respond to the E-mail immediately, if he is taking anyone on tour away overnight but he is definitely worth waiting for. His prices were very reasonable, compared to many other tour guides that I had checked out at the time. He worked with us to come up with a great itinerary over a two-week period, he has a very comfortable van that he took us touring in, and he is extremely knowledgeable about every place he took us to. He has lived in Israel for years. He also has a good sense of humor and was very patient as we toured.

Yocheved Lindenbaum

Zvi Bessin of Efrat has a large comfortable van. he is knowledgable, is good with kids, and professional he is liste on the teaneck goods and services list. Call me if you want to know more.

Chaim Shulman Zvi Bessin is a great tour guide. He is very knowledgeable, easygoing and interesting. He is well versed in the religious, historical and scientific backgrounds of the sites. He is also great with kids. Book early.
Al Dubinsky
Pittsburgh, PA

We spent the most wonderful ten days touring with Tzvi Bessin, going from Tsfat to Masada. He is one of the most fantastic individual that you will ever meet. The depth and breadth of his knowledge is amazing, and he made a memorable trip even more so. We had a fully packed schedule that was flexible enough so that we didn’t feel rushed or tired. I would recommend Tzvi with no hesitation, and intend to hire him for our next trip to Israel.

Israel Tourism Center
NJ 201-556-9660
Outside NJ 888-669-5700
From an email posting "Israel Tourism Center is the only agency that specializes in Israel. We have the best deals for Air, car rentals, kibbutz hotels, country lodgings and all the other hotels in Israel. We represent the Carmel Forest Spa- the only full operating kosher Spa in Israel."

Rabbi Yosef Krohn Tel: 972-2-537-3326 Yaakov Laska I went on numerous tours with Rabbi Yosef Krohn in the years between 1991 - 1995. Aside from being very enthusiastic, energetic, funny and just fun to be with, he was very knowledgeable, informative and interesting. His enjoyable personality, coupled with his Torah-imbued demeanor, made him the perfect choice for me, and, in my opinion, the only choice for you!
Philip Klein We used Rabbi Yosef Krohn on our family trip to Israel and he was very knowledgeable in organizing and coordinating a 4 day fun filled trip to Teverya and the Golan.

Avi Dobuler
website: Etiel and Lianne Forman An excellent guide capable of addressing diverse groups-he is wonderful with both adults and children of all ages. He brings in history, Tanach & current politics and weaves the information together to make for an exciting and very informative tour. Note: He guided the Rinat Mission from Teaneck in 2001. He is great with history (good with kids) and suggestions. He does the OU tour and we have used him for both groups and for our family.

Steve and Laura Paley ( We used Avi on an OU tour in ‘01 and also for 2 family trips during the past year with our children. Avi is truly a “national treasure” in Israel. He is warm and personal, extremely well informed about Israel’s history and natural features, extremely engaging with children, and really a lot of fun. He made our recent visits inspiring and unforgettable.

Avraham Tzvi Schav-aretz Tel. 011-972-2-566-9930 Avigdor Goldberg He is extremely knowledgeable and has lived in Jerusalem for 20 years. He speaks English, French, Hebrew and Yiddish fluently. He has been doing tours throughout the country for about 15 years. He is interesting to listen to and has a witty and welcoming personality.

Yaffa Shira Grossberg
Tel. 02-671-9668 Penina Grossberg My sister Yaffa Shira lives in Jerusalem and has done guiding in Israel. She is also an elementary school teacher so I don't know her availability.

Zack Shavin
Tel: 02-570-1182

Cell: 052-622-2826.

Jon Bendavid My good friend Zack Shavin who has been a tour guide for over 25 years in Israel is in deperate need of work. If you feel his prices are too high ley me know and i'll be happy to help you out on that end. he has a 7 passenger van, is great with kids and is extremly knowledgable. If you want me to call him so he can call you let me know.

Gila Bickwid

I am happy to reccomend Zack Shavin as a Great Tour Guide! My family came to Israel in order to celebrate their son's Bar Mitzvah and Zack not only made all the arrangements but also took them on an unforgetable tour of Israel that the adults and the kids are still talking about! We were all impressed!

Judy Auerbach
Suzanne Prince Judy Auerbach is fabulous. Tell her you got her name from Suzanne and David Prince.

Barnea Selavan
Liz Muschel Barnea Selavan is excellent. We used him last year, and if there are children involved, he is especially patient and wonderful with kids. You can reach him. You can tell him the Muschels recommended him.

Betsy Mehlman
Tel: 972-2-991-9468 Aviva Grossman Betsy Mehlman is an American turned Israeli who gives tours in Israel. She is vivacious and extremely knowledgeable. A number of people in Teaneck have used her and she is the tourguide of choice for people in Newton Mass.

Lee Glassman

Tel: 011-972-2-561-0990

Cell: 011-972-5-491-1098

Fax: 011-972-2-566-0907 Here is my father's contact info - by far the best tour guide in the country (no biases here) Ask Rabbi and Aviva Yablok (of Teaneck) or Rabbi Avi Weiss (of Riverdale). They can vouch for him as well as many others.
Richard Levy Lee Glassman took my family and me on an incredible tour of Ein Gedi. Walking with Lee in the footsteps of Dovid Hamelech, listening to him read from a well marked Tanach, and taking in the incredible beauty of Ein Gedi is a memory my family will hold dear forever. He is both knowledgeable and personable. I recommend him highly and look forward to taking other tours with him.
Aaron Shmulewitz I just returned from a tour with Lee Glassman (who I hired from your list). He was simply outstanding!! He literally made the tanach come alive as we walked around. He was extremely knowledgeable, energetic, and could relate just as well to adults as he could to our 13-year old son. I cannot imagine how our tour could have been any better.
Philip Klein Lee Glassman, Let me start by saying that if you want an energetic, involved, funny, most fantastic tour guide that is super with kids as well as adults, look no further. I have used him numerous times; his knowledge of Tenach makes it come alive in front of your eyes from his awesome description of the war between David and Goliath to the promenade walk with King Herod History to the Bar Kochva Caves, as well as his dig for a day archeological expedition. He is the essence of a great Tour Guide that has Israel in his bones. (just try to pick a flower in his presence…..DON’T)

Eliezer Ayalon Tel: 011-972-2-652-3996

Cell: 011-972-52-404-303

Heidi Kuperman I used to work at UJA, My numbers are a few years old. I would recommend Eliezer Ayalon. He is a Holocaust survivor who wrote a book about his life ("A Cup Filled with Honey, the Eliezer Ayalon story"). He is an incredible man with tons of energy. His home number is .

Moshe Bronstein Tel: 011-972-3-532-2833

Cell: 011-972-50-205-345

Heidi Kuperman

Another guide, who was loved by many UJA groups was Moshe Bronstein.

If you need any suggestions on places to see, hotels to stay at etc...,
you can contact me

Scott M. Dubowsky, DMD Moshe Bronstein is terrific but he is not your typical guide.

Trained as an archeologist, he will challenge your conventional notions about the history of Israel. He will take you places no one else goes and make you think about things you never thought about before.

David Magence

Tel: 02-651-1338

Rabbi E. M. Preil

American. Very knowledgable and Experienced

Mark Apfel

"We highly recommend David Magence. We found him to be very knowledgeable for the adults in our group, and resourceful enough to keep the children in our group entertained throughout out tour."

Nat Zitomer--Licensed Tour Guide

Rechov Hadas 88, 21661 Karmiel, Israel

Tel & Fax: +972-4-998-9867
Cell: +972-5-871-6727

Martha M. Z. Shemin Nat Zitomer, my older brother, made Aliyah in 1977, thereby formalizing his love for Israel. He, along with my sister and I, attended the Hebrew Academy of Washington, D.C. (an Orthodox school) for the duration of our elementary and junior high school years, and we have all been strongly involved in Judaism, Jewish education, and synagogue life throughout our lives. Since 1980, he has been living in Karmiel, and became a Licensed Israel Tour Guide, allowing him to combine his educational and religious background with his love of Israel. He has an almost-new luxury 11-passenger touring vehicle, and is able to cover all of the tiny, but richly vast land of Israel. He has many satisfied clients -- small groups consisting of families with children of all ages, as well as large bus groups. Give him a try -- you'll be glad you did!

Shaike Tel: 052-631868 Aaron Oppenheim I would like to add my recommendation to your listing! Our family recently made many day trips in the vicinity of Jerusalem. We found an Israeli driver based in Jerusalem who charges approx 100NIS per hour and will even wait for you until you return, so you need not schedule a time or have to wait. He was always prompt, and friendly. He spent 9 yrs in California, so his English is fine. He knows how to find any location! He also took us on long distance trips to the north galil.

Moshe Bronstein Stanley M. Dub
I just returned from an 8-day tour of Israel with 38 people from Suburban Temple Beth-Ami in Beachwood, Ohio. Our guide was Moshe Bronstein. Most of the group was making its first trip to Israel. This was an incredible experience, not only because Israel is beautiful, fascinating and safe, but also because we had Moshe, who is an unbelievable tour guide. Moshe combines many fascinating characters in one body. He is at the same time a patriot, war hero, student of Israeli politics, an archeolgist and a biblical scholar. Our days were packed with fascinating trips as we criss-crossed the country. There were far too many highlights to list. We spent time in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Tiberias, Beit Shaan, Accor and Haifa, and swam in the Mediterranean, Dead Sea, Lake Kinnerret (sea of Gallilee), and a natural spring north of Jerusalem (and also went rafting on the Jordan river). We visited an IDF army base and were hosted one night for dinner in small groups by Israeli hosts in Beit Shaan. We visited Yad Vashem, and also the Museum of the Diaspora. Everywhere we pored over archeological sites, including the City of David in Jerusalem, Masada, roman ruins in Tiberias and Beit Shaan, crusader ruins in Accor, a shul dating to 400 a.d. in Ein Gedi, and the site of a cultic temple in TelDan modeled after the First Temple, dating to about 900 bc. We visited battlefields from the 1948 and 1967 wars, and visited the borders with Gaza and the Golan Heights. We had lunch in a Druse village and went shopping in Accor, an Israeli arab city north of Haifa. Along the way we were entertained by Moshe's versions of the stories of David and Goliath, Solomon, Samson, Lot and others. Israel is beautiful and fascinating, but full credit belongs to Moshe Bronstein for making this the trip of a lifetime.

Nicole Shrek I highly recommend Nicole Shrek as a tour guide in Israel. She is very knowledgeable, interesting, fun, patient and always willing to help. A good tour guide always makes the trip more exciting and interesting. Fatima Parau

Ruchama Alter Joshua E. Chesir MD FAAP I would like to recommend Ruchama Alter as a tour guide. She is personable, funny and great with kids. Her knowledge is extensive. She is originally from Canada and is therefore perfect for an English speaking group.

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