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Israel travel and merchant list

Tour Guides

1. Modiin Tours & Travel Ltd. E-mail:; Web Site: 2 Hasoreg st. P.O.B 31824 Jerusalem 91317 02-6248530 02-6249816  Allan Friedman & Robin Weiss  rec'd by Bonnie Berman

2.  We had a wonderful experience on our last trip to Israel- We had the help of a very well-seasoned and lovely travel agent (for all sorts of services within Israel) who has been working in this field for over 25 years. We have since recommended her to tens of people who have been equally happy with her services- for those interested call Yaffa: 02-534 0964  or email her at:    Thank You- Mindy Orlinsky

3.  We had a fabulous guide when we were there on Succot, Moshe Ben-Baruch. 09-7923378. Cell: 053985950.  Rec. by:  Susan Presby

4.  I am a licensed tour guide here in Israel.(I suggest Rafi (Richard) Starshefsky as a reference). Gershon Ferency, Bat Ayin  D.N. Tzfon Yehuda  90913, Israel    92-2-993-2490

5.  I highly recommend Esti Herskowits as a tour guide.  (Tel: 02-535-3796)   She's really great with kids.  She was the guide for last year's Yeshivat Noam family trip.  Rec. by Rachel Antosofsky

6.  Our son, Chanoch, is an excellent English speaking guide for the Northern Galilee and Golan regions of the country, offering a large variety of exciting jeep tours of those areas. The tour can be tailored to your interests and preferences, including nature, geology, military history, ancient history, religious sites, etc. One of his specialties is sunrise nature tours in his 7 passenger jeep.  His phone no. for details and reservations is (-) 972 53 442 667.   Rec'd by Yona and Anita Seif

7.  Licensed, English speaking, religous tourist guide with private car or van: Amikam Yechezkely, Home telephone/fax number is 02-535-5203.  Cell Phone 050-382966   e-mail:   rec'd by szrindner

8. Dani Barkai is a tour guide my family has used on our last two trips to Israel. We have found him to be extremely knowledgeable as well as reliable and reasonably priced. Dani's phone number is 02-678-2483.  His cell phone number is 051-717-635. His e-mail address is If you need any further information, you can call me at (917) 412-8006 or (201) 836-9448. rec'd by Aliza Fine

9.Tour guide- Ruchama Alter phone: 972-2-5713052 rec'd by Sheila Last

10.  We were in Israel this summer and went on a jeep tour for  a day with a great tour guide. His name is Moti.  E-mail is  Tel: 053474755  Fax: 972-2-5795861  rec'd by Meryl Rubin

11.  My brother-in-law, Peter Abelow is a tour guide.  He can be reached in  Efrat Israel  at  02-993-1669 or  Cell: 058-390-1669   see description at   rec'd by Sandy Zlotnick  (also rec'd by J Danto)

12.  I used a wonderful tour guide in Israel three years ago and have recommended him to several friends, who have used him more recently and raved about him too. His name is Zvi Bessin. His E-mail address:  Cell phone: 050-325125 Home phone  02-9931269. rec'd by Karen Klein

13.  Hershel [Zvi] Bessin (Tour guide)   050-325125  rec'd by Marilyn Barth, Fairlawn

14.  We used a tour guide named Judy Auerbach the last 2 times we were in Israel.She is fabulous. She's dati,lives in Efrat and is great with children and adults.  She is very patient and never loses her cool no matter how stressful the situation.  She was a social worker in a previous life. She can be reached by email Rec'd by Suzanne Prince

15.  I've had very good experience with David Bellin over the years. He has had many, many clients from the Teaneck area and would be well worth a call when planning a trip to Israel of any size. Website:  rec'd by Yitz Stern

16. Fabulous tour guide:  Lee Glassman, 3 Wedgewood, Jerusalem Tel: 011-972-2-561-0990  Cell: 054-911-098  Fax: 011-972-2-566-0907  rec'd by Sallie Levi;  Also rec'd highly by Shifra Penkower and Avi Naiman (Naiman: He guided us through caves on an archeological dig.  Very knowledgeable and interesting).

17. Tour guides Moshe Bronstein cell: 011-972-50-205-345 Home: 011-972-3-532-2833 or  Eliezer Ayalon cell: 011-972-52-404-303 home 011-972-2-652-3996  Rec'd by Heidi Kuperman

18. A friend of mine - Haim Hoter, is a tour guide. He lives in Alonei Habashan on the Golan - gives tours of the Golan in particular but also throughout Israel. (His wife spoke at Bnei Yeshurun this July - they lost a son in the terrorist attack on Otniel yeshiva last December.) Home:  011-972-4-696-0029. Cell:  55-696-435 email: rec'd by Roy Spiewak

19.  David Magence (Jrlm)050.283-819 excellent tour guide rec'd by J Danto

20. There is also a list of tourguides at There is a page with travel info at

21. Donna Goldberg-Katcoff (cousin of Murray Srago), certified by Israeli Ministry of Tourism.  Native Texan. Also, Hughie Auman, (51) 201-818 He guided the SAR trip to Israel, Dec. 2002 Rec'd by Avi Naiman

22. Tour Guide: Hoffman Tours - Geula or Maya Shorim rec'd by Aaron Solomon

Gifts/ Souvenirs to buy in Israel

1,  A great gift store, selling wonderful Israeli-made products is Gans at 8 Rivlin Street in Jerusalem.  Rec'd by Ellen Gertler

2.  The Papercut Gallery,  King George # 31, Jerusalem (downstairs), tel. 054-904-795 The Papercut Gallery offers Israel's largest selection of Judaica laser papercuts. Ideal gifts for all occasions, and all budgets.   Rec'd by Mordechai Welt/The Papercut Gallery

3. While in israel I came across a store in Yerushalyim that sells merchandise from various israeli artists' merchandise. Please patronize them at their their website:

4.  Aziz  18 Tiferet Yisrael next to the Bank on your way to the Kotel. Tel; 02-6289208  Rec'd by Susie Pam

5. There is a great store on Ben Yehuda called Shekalim. He sells the usual t-shirts, but he also sells great 3/4 sleeve shirts for the older girls.  He is a really nice frum guy and could always use the business.   Rec'd by Meryl Rubin

6.  We bought tablecloths from a store on Malchei Street in Mea Shearim.  It's right near the Silver Store .  Sorry I don't have the name but he could definitely use the business! Rec'd by  Jeanette Wermuth

7.  Aryeh Weil at for gifts + stuff; located in the David Citadel Hotel  rec'd by  Joseph & Marilyn Danto

8.  We went to a nice art gallery in jerusalem - Binyamin gallery,,  Gallery: 011-972-2-624-7575, Mobile 011-972-52-384-062 1 Rivlin Street, Jerusalem   rec'd by Joel Mizrahi

9.  Ora's gifts on Ben Hillel St. in Jerusalem. They are wonderful.  Claire Ginsburg Goldstein

10.  The Gush Etzion Judaica Center  Located at "Tzomet Hagush" - a 2 minute drive from Efrat or Alon Shvut, 30 minutes by bus from Yerushalayim  02-993-4040   Lots of great Judaica items, many made by local (Gush Etzion) artists - perfect for all those gifts you need to bring back.   rec'd by Avi-Gil Chaitovsky

11.  There is this wonderful site which will deliver any kinds of home baked cakes , cookies, pies, etc to anywhere in Israel.  Their goodies are really delicious.  I have used them for shalach manos and for birthday occasions, and they are not only reasonable, but very efficient and reliable.   They are kosher mehadrin, pareve, and under the supervision of the Badatz Rabbanut of   Jerusalem.  They can also be reached by phone 011 972 52 631 808.  This  website was such a find.  Rec'd by  Toby Feder

12.  Fabulous place to shop: Yad L'Kashish/Lifeline to the Aged: The elderly there make wonderful gifts that they sell in their store. Rec'd by Heidi Kuperman

13.Jewels of Jerusalem, 7 Ben-Yehuda St., Jerusalem, (2) 623-4435

Tomer Camus, Camus Gallery, 4 Beit Yosef Karo St., Safed/Tsfat, (4) 692-3989,,

Archie Granot, papercuts, 1 Argon Street, Jerusalem, (2) 625-2210,

The Studio in Old Jaffa, Alon Baker, Publisher, 18 Mazal Dagim Lane Old Jaffa 68036, (3) 683-5992,  (All rec'd by Avi Naiman)

14.  Michal Negrin store in the Malcha mall. Can also be bought in the Inbal gift shops. Prices 1/4 of what you'll pay in the States.  There are a few small stores in Center Yerushalayim (on Strauss, Jaffa, etc) that sell famous American underwear brands that are made in Israel (Victorias Secret, Calvin Klein, etc.) (rec'd by Debbie Teicher)

15. Great gifts, especially for weddings and bar mitzvahs:  Shizre Kodesh has a selection of handwoven and custom tallitot, chupot, torah mantels and parachot.  Located in the Arts and Crafts Lane (outside the Old City Walls) Khutzot Hayotzer 9, P.O.B. 4590, Jerusalem 91044.  For more info. see   Tel: 972-2-627-4293 Fax: 972-2-627-3102  Email (rec'd by sheryl elias)


1.  Great Israeli Driver:  Yossi Chanoch:  972 50 457 958 Rec'd by Marty Fineberg

2.  I would recommend most highly, Tsion Tsionav - taxi driver...   053 843 221  rec'd by Joseph & Marilyn Danto

3.  We used a super driver in Israel. He was very prompt, reliable and courteous, and, best of all, he knew all the short cuts to get around traffic and get us to the airport on time.  He has a van that can seat 9 His name is  Zion Bason and he can be reached at: 972-3-9220164 cell: 972-53-689936  Address: 16 zahal street Petah Tikva Israel. 49521   rec'd by Sheryl and Ernest Elias


1.  I would like to appear on the list.  I was trained at UMDNJ in Newark and graduated in 1988. I have been in Israel since after making aliya from Teaneck. Dr. Ari Greenspan  Emek Refaim 25,  Jerusalem 02-5611584

2.Shimon Yazersky - Kochav Hashachar - Trained NYU rec'd by Aaron Solomon


Places to Visit/ Sites to See/ Things to Do

1.  We just came back from a 2.5 week trip to Israel.  We loved Mitzie Ramon  and Kibbutz Lavi. The caves near Beit Shemesh were amazing. Bnai Brak offers many things that would cost double here. Hasofrim seems to be a lot cheaper in Israel....rec'd by Chaim Lazar

2.  We just came back frome israel so I loved  mini Israel; gan gooroo; the marina in hertzelia and tantoora-habonim beachsagit

3.  Ir  David "The City of David" the Biblical city of Jerusalem.  We are a fantastic tourist site and have a wonderful rapport with a number of residents of your area.  We would be pleased to be listed, and will provide you with whatever information you may need. Doron Spielman, Director of Development, Ir David Foundation;  cell:  (972) (0) 55-987-013 ; office: (972) 2-581-8989  "And David Conquered the Citadel of Zion and called it the City of David 'Ir David'"

4. Good places to visit: The Roladin factory  (bakery) 09-8991001,  Guttman Gallery 03-5161970; Coca cola factory 03-671222. rec'd by Rivki Cohen

5. I'd appreciate if you could include the tourism in Gush Etzion. We have an amazing Sound & Light show that moves everyone to tears, an ancient mikva, olive presses, the Paths of the patriachs on which our forefathers walked,Herodian, and many other historical, biblical and beautiful things to see.  We also have a magnificent Judaica Center housed in a renovated Jordanian prison house. Many visitors come to see the beautiful Yeshivat Har Etzion (the "Gush" yeshiva) where many Teaneck boys study.

Please be in touch with me- a former Teaneck resident- Susan Wolf- if I can be of assistance. During the recent GA (General Assembly) in Jerusalem, the tours to the Gush were the most popular, and we had over two sold out busloads with much more interest as well.

We have just opened an industrial park in the area, for offices and factories, as well a shooting range which trains guards, policemen, and soldiers from all over Israel. Paintball for kids and even adults is the latest rage. Reservations can be made both at the shooting range and the paintball court.

There are public busses that come every twenty minutes or so, but we can arrange pickup and return transportation, possibly including a stop at Kever Rachel for any interested parties.

6. There is a new fiber craft created and produced in Israel called NettlePoint. ( ) While in Israel schedule a demo to learn this exciting new craft. And leave Israel with a beautiful wall hanging which you made yourself.  A recent review can be read at:;  To schedule a demo contact: Bernie or Sharon in Jerusalem: 999-5570

7.  -Kiftzuba, Near Kfar Zuba, 6 km across from Harel Junction (away from Harel Mall). 
-Clore Garden of Science, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot (outdoor science museum)
-Eretz B'reishit, (2) 997-2521; recreation of Avraham welcoming guests
-Migdal David, W: (2) 626-5323
-Neot Kedumim, (8) 977-0770/7/9
next to Ben Shemen Forest
- Animals - Park Hayarkon / Ganei Yehoshua, (3) 642-2828; The Safari, Ramat Gan, (3) 631-2181;  Chai Kef Zoo, Rishon LeZion, (3) 961-3360; Monkey Park, Ben Shemen Forest, (8) 928-5888; Bee's Life Center, Moshav Kidron, (8) 859-2057; Zoological & Botanical Gardens, 155 Herzl St, Tel Aviv, (3) 682-2352; Petting Farm, Moshav Havatzelet Hasharon, (9) 866-3098; Bee & Honey Farm, Moshav Mishmeret, (9) 796-1260;  Parrot Farm, Kfar Hess, (9) 796-1773
- Water Parks - Maimadion Water Park, Ganei Yehoshua, (3) 642-2777; Yamit 2000, Holon, (3) 556-6527; Menachem Begin Park, Highway 138, (3) 739-1168; Water Park, Kibbutz Shefayim, (9) 959-5595; The Weisgal Foundation, Rehovot, (8) 946-8811
- Planetarium, Eretz Israel Museum, (3) 641-5244
- Luna Park, Sderot Rokach, Ganei Hata'arucha, (3) 642-7080
- Sahek Ota, Emek Hefer, (4) 632-3421
- Children's Museum, Holon, (3) 559-2080
- Also: Eiyn Yael (crafts);  Dig for a Day, near Beit Guvrin; Nahalat Binyamin Arts & Crafts Shuk, Tuesdays & Fridays, Tel Aviv; Bible Lands Museum, Jerusalem  (All of the above from Avi Naiman's family list)

8. Kad V' Chomer is a paint it yourself ceramic studio.  Located in the Iriya in Jerusalem, activity that is fun for all ages with projects at  many prices.   Private parties can be arranged.  The number is 026-245-329.  Owners (one used to be a Teaneck resident) and staff all speak English.  Rec'd by  Gittel Novogroder

9.  Visit...the Underground Bullet Factory between Rechovot and Nes Tziona. Mini Israel Latrun Armored Corps Museum (also great to see). Air Force Museum outside of Beer Sheva  (rec'd by Debbie Teicher)

Event Catering, Take-Out , and Simcha Planning

1. Our very good friends, Eric and Naomi Goldberg, run Naomi Catering in Jerusalem.  They do all size functions throughout Israel.  A number of Teaneckians have used them for their simchas in Israel with great success.  In addition to catering events, "take-out" meals for family gatherings, etc. can be arranged and delivered throughout Israel.  For those renting an apartment it is particularly convenient.  They cater Yom Tov meals, too--even your Pesach seder! Naomi Catering 12 HaTa'asia St Talpiot Ind Est Jerusalem tel 02 6793052  fax 02 6793112. You can view their extensive menu on  e-mail   rec'd by Sheryl and Ernest Elias

2.  Former Teaneck resident now living in Yerushalayim, with more than 25 years experience in the field and with a variety of experience in Israel, will arrange your entire event IN ISRAEL - whether it is a family simcha (Bar/Bat Mitzvah, anniversary or wedding) or seminar or conference.  He will personally attend to every detail, so that all runs smoothly and just as you want it.  To make a super event IN ISRAEL, please contact:   Chanoch Shudofsky/  Shudofsky Events Production 011-972-2-671-9381 or 011-972-54-489-453/

3. My very good friend Ariela Port who lives in Neve Daniel has a catering business - Ariela Cusine and Design.  They do everything from takeout to brises to weddings.  They also will arrange for a hall, design the tables and centerpieces and anything else for a successful party. cell phone 068 563 927.  Home 02 993 2830  Rec'd by Suzanne Prince

4. A GREAT American style caterer for parties or shabbos takeout,Avrumi's Catering, located in beit shemesh.02-999-1183,or 052-600-864. For baskets and specialty cakes for all occasions as well! Rec'd by owner.

Israel Travel Websites

1.  There is a great website called This site is great for anyone traveling to Israel. It has lists and reviews of kosher restaurants all over Israel and many with discount coupons. rec'd by Mimi Schechter

Cell Phone Rentals

1. Phone# to call: 1-866-847-7235 (to bring phone with you from here) #  in Israel 1-800-721-1111 (ie you can call them once you are in Israel and they'll deliver a phone to your hotel in Israel) email:     Rental per day - $1 (no minimum);  airtime in Israel - .19/minute ; Calls to US - .38/minute;  All prices include VAT Free incoming calls, Caller ID, voicemail   Friends of mine have used them and been quite happy with the service.  I hope to use them when I travel in February. Rec'd by Sharon Levine

2. To rent a phone in advance: UniverCell, (800) 765-2355 / (877) 991-2355 (rec'd by Avi Naiman)

Auto Rentals

Visa does *not* cover collision of rental cars; use MasterCard. (Advice from Avi Naiman)


1. Al Dente on Ussishkin...small dairy Italian. Handmade pasta. Yummy. Friends of Sergios on Yaavetz...word of sign outside... Pagoda in Teveriah...amazing Chinese overlooking the Kinneret And of course, the Rimons. Open 24 hours. Chocochinos.....(Rec'd by Debbie Teicher)


There's one at the DanPearl, but you have to make an appointment 24hrs in advance. There's one near the Inbal on Rechov HaAri (Mikva Rechavia) and there's one, supposedly, in the Russian Compound, but I couldn't find it!  (rec'd by anonymous).


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