Tzemach Dovid: Israel Action Page

TheWashington Rally seems like long ago, but there are still many other things we can do and other ways we can help Israel. We have tried to collect together as many as possible so that anyone who visits this page can find something. The original version of this page, which started out as an updated list of info for the Washingon Rally, has been updated in format so that it is easier to navigate.

In the interest of completeness and to make resources and activities easier to find , some material will appear on more than one page.

Don't forget to check out 54 Ways You Can Help Israel from the Web site.

Also recommended is the Israel Action page on the Rinat Yisrael Web Site (featuring Action Items and a long list of Contact Information Links for the various media and politicians), the CBY Israel Action Web site and the OU "Ways You Can Help Israel" page

A lot of the information we have is from the Five Towns Israel Activism Network, a grass-roots organization to promote Israel activism.

Also, check out the Bergen County Action Calendar

If you have an ideas or suggestions, please email me.