[Still trying to figure this out - Try this:

Create a Yahoo ID
First check with moderators to see if you already have a Yahoo ID (if you have a yahoo email the yahoo ID is likely the part of the email preceding
If you do not have a Yahoo ID, go to and click Sign In - Sign Up (or Create New Account)
Then go to the Gears symbol and Click Account Information (enter your yahoo password) Click Update your Contact Information. Add an email address and click verify if prompted.
Go to account settings and check your Aliases.]




Date: February 21, 2002 (revised 9/25/09)
Subject: [TeaneckShuls] How to Sign into Yahoo

Instructions on How to Sign Into Yahoo In Order to Read Database, Calendar, Etc. 

If you've never signed onto yahoogroups, it's a slightly confusing process

STEP 1: First see if you already have a yahoo ID.  It's the yahoo name you selected when you signed up for teaneckshuls or another yahoogroups list.  If you signed up by the web, you probably have a yahoo ID.   It may be part of your email.  For example my email is   If I don't remember my yahoo ID, cshulman might be a good guess.  Go to  and click "Groups member? Sign In."  If you know your yahoo ID, but don't remember your password, click "I can't access my account� and select �I forgot my password."  You can also ask one of the moderators at to look up whether you have a yahoo ID.  (We can't look up your password, but can see what if any is your yahoo ID.)  If you've determined that you don't have a yahoo ID, go to STEP 2.

STEP 2: Go to to register for a Yahoo ID if you don't already have one.  Click "Don't have a Yahoo! ID? Sign Up". Or go to

STEP 3: Then go to to move all your YahooGroups lists (and email address(es)) to your single yahoo account. Enter your email addresses (e.g., ). Follow instructions to enter your email addresses. You will have to verify the email address by clicking verify and going to that email account to obtain a confirmation code necessary to enter on yahoogroups.

NOW you're ready to go to and see your groups. From now on, to enter the yahoogroups web site, just go to or and enter your yahoo ID and yahoo password. If your browser allows cookies, you can allow the browser to remember your ID & password.

(TIP # 1 FOR PROS: If it's already linked to another yahoo account, and you want to consolidate into one yahoo account, log on to the other yahoo account and de-link the email address by going to and click edit email addresses.)

(TIP # 2 FOR PROS: To do email changes at once w/ a change password add new email on and then change the individual groups at )

Hope that's helpful.