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Date: Oct. 14, 2005
We are proud to announce that Shearit HaPlate of Teaneck has officially been organized. Our mission is to collect extra food from smachot and distribute it to local families who can make use of this food. If you or someone you know is interested in donating food, receiving food, or assisting us in our efforts to collect and distribute the food, please contact [Josh Klavan at] (201) 836-3149 (select "Option 1") or

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Date: Tue Jun 26, 2001
Subject: list of places to donate food including perishables

Some people asked me to post a list of responses to my query this morning about where to donate food after simchas etc. Save this list for your simchas, parties, kiddushes, and large shabbos meals !

A number of these will take food that has been opened as well as food that has not.

Shelter our Sisters - shelter for women . 201-836-1075. Will accept food that has been opened as well as perishables. They have an ongoing need for linens and sheets, by the way.

The Hackensack Men's Shelter will take food at any time-I usually call them after Shabbot and bring the left over food from that day--it is located across the street from Cosco 489-2449 (some people said they take food that has been opened as well as closed food).

There's a woman in Englewood named Sherry Shemen who collects cooked and open food and distributes it. I believe her number is 894-0981

Call Tomchei Shabbos of Bergen County at 833-2320. They will take food that can be frozen (i.e. bagels, challahs) and other non-perishables.

In Brooklyn there is a gemach for simcha leftovers, that goes to very needy families. They will also take leftover food that can be used to make a simcha for a needy family. If your simcha is in Brooklyn or if your caterer is from Brooklyn, or if you can get the food to Brooklyn via an invited guest, call Schiff at 718-253-3922