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Date: Tue Oct 7, 2003 3:46 pm
Subject: re Where to Donate Clothing

This question - Where to Donate Clothing - comes up all the time.

Below is what was collected on the Goods & Services directory at

If you have additional info or corrections, please let me know. Thanks Chaim

Clothing Donations
National Council of Jewish Women Thrift Shop
(was at 1384 Queen Anne Rd. Teaneck)
New address - 75 S. Washington Avenue, Bergenfield.
For hours see
Mail receipt in week or two for whatever can sell. Generous receipts

Clothing Donations
Bryna Malitzky
591 Rutland Ave Teaneck

Clothing Donations
Honey Senter
collects good condition clothes and sends to Israel

Clothing Donations
Rita Lewy-Neuman
138 Grayson Pl Teaneck
Collects used cothing for Ethiopians in Israel

Note that the Womens American ORT Once Again Shop that was at 1350 Queen Anne Road is now CLOSED

Also, note that Almost New Shop, 97 W Palisade Ave, Englewood (201) 227-9250, no longer takes clothing donations, and only takes furnishings.


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Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Donate Clothing
Umbrella Tzedaka Collection, an affiliate of Chabad
Will pick up Clothing, Handbags, Shoes, Soft toys, Linens, Drapes, Towels in usable condition
Call 1-201-836-7376 or email to make arrangements Tax deductible receipt provided.

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We are affiliated with Chabad -Maplewood NJ
We accept clothing, shoes, handbags, linens, soft household goods like drapes linens, towels etc. and soft toys (stuffed animals)
We will gladly pick up from your home and leave a tax deductible receipt.
Please let us know when you are ready and we will make arrangements for a pick up
Thanks for your inquiry


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Subject: [TeaneckShuls] Gemach Info

For anyone looking to give itmes to a gemach:
We collect clothes for needy families in Israel. All the clothes that we collect are sent to Karen (Milch) Thaler who grew up in Teaneck. She runs a wonderful clothing gemach in the community of Beitar that assists many many families.
At this time, the gemach is in particular need of boys' suits, boys' dress pants, s' shabbos dresses (long sleeve or length sleeve only), boys' weekday pants (no denim, please), boys' collared weekday shirts, infant and toddler clothing, and long sleeve, long skirt length maternity clothing.
All donations of clothing in great condition would be greatly appreciated. However, please note that Beitar is a very religious community with very strict standards of tznius. All clothing should be appropriate for that population.
ALSO, we collect women's hats, sheitels, linens, towels, tablecloths and unused cosmetics
To be part of this tremendous mitzvah, please drop off the clothing at the following location:
Shirley Sosland (201) 692-0238, @ 470 Sagamore Avenue (4 houses off Garrison.) Bags may be placed at any time on the back enclosed porch. You do not have to call before coming.
For other Teaneck drop-off locations or any questions, please call Jessica Katz (973) 594-9118 or email me: Jessica@

Yad Leah -
Jessica Katz
(973) 594 9118

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Subject [TeaneckShuls] Clothing drive for Israel in Teaneck

Yad Leah, a Northern NJ based organization dedicated to distributing clothing to needy families in Israel is continuing to clothing in all sizes in EXCELLENT condition. We also collect coats, robes, towels, linens, handbags, cosmetics (new), hair accessories, hats, snoods and costume jewelry.
If you would like to donate, you may drop off the clothing in tied garbage bags at the home of:
Shirley Sosland, 470 Sagamore Ave, 201 692 0238
Pesh Katz, 655 Rutland, 201 692 1426
If you would like to find out more information about how Yad Leah is helping hundreds of families in Israel or have any questions, please feel free to contact Jessica Katz

Jessica@o.. or at 973 594 9118


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Kupas Ezra (aka The Metziah Place) in Monsey takes clothing donations. Their number is: 845-426-3865.
They also accept furniture donations: 845-356-2842.



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Thanks for the pointer to Hakhel. I found their website: