TeaneckShuls Posting Policy

Our primary goal as moderators is to run TeaneckShuls fairly and efficiently and ensure that it continues to be a useful and beneficial tool for our community.  Detailed below are the most relevant rules that we ask our members to follow.  These rules do not – and cannot – address every circumstance, and we are often required to make judgment calls, both in the application of the rules and when new situations arise.  Therefore, we must reserve the right to use our discretion when deciding which posts are appropriate and acceptable.  In order to ensure the smooth and proper functioning of the list, we reserve the right to reject, delete or edit any message at any time.  Yahoo recently revised their platform so that we are unable to send you a rejection notice and explanation (as we used to) if your post fails one of our rules – it will simply be deleted.  If you are certain that your post has not come through within 48 hours, before contacting us please review the rules below to see if your post may have been rejected.  We are all volunteers with our own busy work and home schedules, and we ask that you keep that in mind. 

1.       Brevity: Be brief. 

2.       Signature: Sign your full name to every post. 

3.       Subject Line: Use a brief subject line that summarizes the content of your post.  Readers should be able to decide whether your email is relevant to them based on the subject line alone.

4.       No All-Caps: Do not use ALL-CAPS in the subject line or body of your email.

5.       Age Minimum: Children under 13 may not post, even if using an adult's email account.

6.       Maximum Number of Posts: You may not post more than 2 emails in any consecutive 7-day period.

7.       Repeat Posts: You may not repeat the same (or substantially similar) post until one month has passed, with the following exceptions:

       a.       Community-wide or local shul and yeshiva events can be reposted after 2 weeks.

       b.      Shul bulletins can be sent weekly.

8.       Feedback Requests: You may request relevant first-hand feedback on our members’ experiences with businesses, professionals, etc., but you may not request negative feedback (e.g., “Seeking feedback, whether good or bad…” is not allowed).

9.       Price: If you are selling something, you must include a price (“best offer” is not allowed unless you state a specific price and include “or best offer below that amount”).  If you are giving the item away, please state that explicitly.

10.   Views, News & Politics: We do not allow posts containing opinions, news, political issues, petitions or surveys.  We make occasional exceptions for issues affecting Israel or our community generally.

11.   Geographic Scope for Community Events: Posts regarding community events outside Teaneck will only be allowed if they are likely to get significant attendance from the Teaneck area. We occasionally allow such postings for Manhattan, Riverdale, Passaic, Monsey and Bergen County.

12.   Home Sales: You may advertise sales of homes (including open houses) in Teaneck, Bergenfield or New Milford only, subject to Rule # 7.  These can be posted by the broker or owner, but not both.  If the seller is represented by a broker, then only the agent is allowed to post the property.

13.   Real Estate Brokers: Real estate brokers may post a consolidated listing of properties no more than once per week.  Any properties included in these listings cannot also be posted individually (under Rule # 12).

14.   Vacation Rentals: Short-term vacation rentals posted by the owner (e.g., for Jerusalem and other frequented locations), may be allowed on occasion at the moderators' discretion.  The price must be included in your post.

15.   Business Ads: Ads for businesses (including camps and playgroups) are not allowed unless you are a tzedakah sponsor as explained at or if they fit into one of the following exceptions: 

       a.       Teenagers offering snow shoveling or sukkah-building services (or similar services), or seeking summer & vacation employment

       b.      Housekeepers, babysitters (and babysitter to share) and home health aides seeking employment in Bergen County

       c.       Garage sales

       d.      Shul boutiques

       e.      Change of address or notice of an opening of a new business in town.  This applies to bricks & mortar stores (i.e., actual storefront) only; home businesses not allowed.

       f.        Posts seeking full-time employment if posted by the person looking for the employment

       g.       Posts by businesses for job openings are allowed, but you should limit your description of the business so it doesn’t also act as an ad for the business.

       h.      Recruiters may post job openings, but not more often than once a week (so all positions must be consolidated into that one email), and the email must clearly indicate that they are a recruiter.

Please avoid using an automatic email signature/footer that mentions your business or website.

16.   Tickets to Events

        a.       You may not sell tickets as part of a business.  You may, however, offer for sale small quantities of privately-held tickets.  Repeat posts for the same tickets are subject to Rule # 7, and if you want to sell tickets for a different event, you must wait at least two weeks from the last time you posted a ticket sale.  

       b.      Your email must clearly state the asking price and the face value (including any Ticketmaster-type fees you incurred).  Asking price may not exceed face value plus those fees.

17.   Bus, Train & Airline Tickets; Parking Passes; Rewards Points: None of the following may be offered for sale or trade, even below face value: (i) bus/train/airline tickets, (ii) parking passes, and (iii) frequent flyer and rewards points.

18.   Software: Selling or borrowing of software (whether new or used) is not allowed. 

19.   Harvesting Email Addresses: Harvesting of member email addresses is forbidden for any purpose.  Violation of this rule may lead to forfeit of the offender’s membership.


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Last edited October 27, 2013.